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When 26 year old Lou Devane starts to get undressed we’re treated to a smooth, nearly hairless, fat-free body.  His ripped abs are prime for a good licking all the way down to his bushy pubes.  Lou doesn’t need to trim in order to look big, he is big.  For such a skinny guy he sports one thick piece of meat between his legs.  Lou shows us plenty of his fat uncut cock, smooth body, and sweet ass as he jerks off in a video you can download now at Bad Puppy.


Shawn’s amazing cum show

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It didn’t take much beyond the offer of extra cash if Shawn could get off quickly and cum in his own mouth.  The 23 year old gets to work pumping his growing meat and rubbing the area between his thighs to full excitement.  His breathing grows deep and neck becomes flushed moments before the big load sprays from the college guys pulsing dick.

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Vinnie Mark IceJacks

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Vinnie Mark shows up at the You Love Jack apartment ready to go.  The bulge in his underwear is huge as he gets undressed and gets even better when he pulls them off to show off his big uncut dick.  Vinnie strokes himself for a bit then pulls out a IceJack jerk off toy.  As he slides the clear tube over his long shaft Vinnie’s abs tighten giving a nice ripped appearance.  The show stays fun right up until Vinnie pulls the toy off to spray his jizz across his hairless abs.

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Koury’s Happy Ending

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Koury is back at Spunkworthy after a very well received debut.  This time around he has agreed to get a full body naked massage complete with a happy ending.  While Koury obviously enjoys the rub down, his dick really springs to action when his hairy ass is expertly rimmed.  The oral action continues as his 8 inch dick is swallowed whole.  It is a happy ending indeed as Jason strokes this horny straight guy off.

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Tyler White & Abram Hoffer

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Abram Hoffer is enjoying himself in the shower when Tyler White decides to join him.  These young men look great with the water running down their lean inked bodies.  They take turns sucking and jerking each other off in the giant, well lit shower.  Abram’s ripped abs couldn’t look any better than cover with cum.  Of course they let us stay to watch them wash, again.

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Lucas Knight picks up Davey Brooks

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Davey Brooks has bought himself a new watch so he never misses a day observing Lucas Knight work out.  The guys seem to be there every day at the same time so why not go home and have sex?  It’s a difficult call what’s more fun to watch in this video, Lucas sucking Davey’s big shaved dick or Davey taking Lucas bareback up his smooth ass.  Lucas fucks Davey seven ways to Sunday where in the end both guys are covered with sweat, lube, and cum.  It looks awesome across Davey’s smooth lean body and ass.

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Tyler Sweet’s Ass

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Tyler Sweet is a little older and beefier than his not so long ago twink days. One thing that has not changed is his amazing ass. We get to see plenty of it too as he pairs up with a big dicked favorite, Doug Acre. The young men play with some light bondage before sucking and fucking. Tyler loves the feel of Doug’s long cock plunging deep into his hairless ass and the view is amazing in this video at Fetish Force.


Jakub Novek

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Ben was doing some video work during his European holiday and knew from the moment he saw Jakub’s naked selfie that he had to meet this very well hung 18 year old. Jakub traveled all the way from his home in Poland to Berlin for a jack off show that is sure to please many.  This young man has a silky smooth body that will please the twink fans, a lean torso with ripped abs and tight ass, and obviously… a huge uncut cock.

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Damien Kyle Pumps it Hard

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It was the amazing abs on Broke Straight Boys model Damien Kyle that first caught my attention and the amazing sex he has with Tristan Stiles that kept it. Damien is ripped and pumped with a smooth jock body and nice cock. After Tristan sucks Damien to a full erection the hardcore pumping begins. Tristan takes the cock up his ass in a number of positions but the one shown above is my favorite because we get to see every rippling muscle.

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