Jamie Aero Fucks Cameron Sharp

Jamie Aero has anal sex with Cameron Sharp

Jamie Aero needed some money for a truck payment and was desperate for cash. So desperate that he even called his ex girlfriend. She denied him the money but sent him to the owners of Bait Buddies telling him if he wanted the money bad enough he could get paid to have sex with another man on camera. Aren’t exes a bitch? Jamie showed up ready to go and was paired with a cute twink with buzzed hair; Cameron Sharp. I don’t think Cameron knew what he was getting into on this one. Yes, he knew full well that he was going to have sex with a straight boy but Jamie really lays into Cameron’s ass and gives it to him hard. If you like your sex to be loud then you’re going to love this scene and it you’re watching in an area where privacy is important turn the volume down before you watch because these two young men really get into each other. (no pun intended) Jamie fucks Cameron with his long hard cock from a few positions then pulls out to shoot his load across Cameron’s sweet twink face.

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