Ennio Guardi Fucks Alex Monetti

Ennio Guardi fucks Alex Monetti

The timing is perfect for Latin jock Ennio Guardi who laying in bed asleep with morning wood. Alex Monetti has just the way to wake him up. Alex goes down and starts sucking Ennio’s uncut cock. When Ennio wakes up he is horny and ready for some dick of his own. He gets down on his knees to suck on Alex for a bit then both men head into the shower where the sucking continues. Both guys are wet, rock hard, and ready for more. They go back into the bedroom to continue with some hardcore fucking. Alex takes in Ennio’s dick from a few positions before ending up on his back and legs in the air. Ennio doesn’t look any better with the water and sweat glistening off his smooth dark skin as he pounds Alex. By the time the guys are done they each need to shower again.

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