Dolf & John-Daniel Fuck In The Yard

Dolf Lambert fucks John-Daniel Chagall in the yard

Dolf Lambert or John-Daniel Chagall could make most gay men and even some straight guys jealous by themselves.  Each has the body of a Greek god, the dick of an African fertility statue, and the libido of a horny 18 year old. Both are favorites of Bel-Ami Online members so when they hooked these two up for an afternoon of sex at the country house I knew it was going to be hot. Dolf guides the action and sets the pace as he  and John-Daniel start jerking off together. Next thing you know, Dolf is stuffing his 7.5 inch cock down John-Daniel’s throat and then shortly up his tight ass. Seeing these two awesome looking men fucking in the yard is truly a sight to see. Just be sure you have a hand free while you watch these two in action.

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