Vince Demerit Fucks Tommy Dubois

tattooed jock fucks uncut twink in the ass

Thank goodness for the producers at Video boys who understand that most Americans don’t understand French and add subtitles for us. Tommy Dubois and Vince Demerit do most of their interview in French as they are from Quebec. It’s funny as they boys discuss who is going to do what to who and Vince says that he is going to top. Tommy says why, because you want my smooth ass or because my dick is too big for you? Tommy does have a nice 7.5 inch uncut cock that looks nice and thick but I think it’s his sweet ass that Vince wants more than anything. They play with each other naked and Tommy sucks on Vince’s 7 inch dick before climbing on for a ride. Even though both guys are young (18 and 22) they definitely look like they each know exactly what they are doing. Vince long strokes Tommy’s butt to provide the maximum amount of pleasure and Tommy takes it all in like a pro.

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