Darren Plays Pivot Man At Straight Circle Jerk

sunburned straight guy plays pivot man during a circle jerk

Darren’s time in Florida didn’t get off to too great a start as you can see from the massive sunburn that covers nearly all of his upper body. It got better when the producer of Broke Straight Boys offered him $150 to jack off with two other straight guys; red haired Josh and hot tempered Jeremy. Each guy was offered the $150 to jack off with each other on camera and all three were quick to get naked and start stroking. They were a little uncomfortable at first but easily get hard once the porno on the TV starts playing. In usual style, Darren is offered $100 extra if he will lend some oral support to the other two. At first Jeremy wants nothing to do with the gay part of this but gives in if he can get some extra cash as well. Darren sucks Jeremy’s cock from a sitting position at first then gets on his knees to suck both guys dick as they stand on either side of him. For a newbie, Darren does a good job sucking on both straight boys boys hard cocks and doesn’t neglect the other as you can see in the picture above. As the action heats up Jeremy becomes very uncomfortable with the whole gay sex thing and storms out before cumming. Lucky thing for us Josh doesn’t care who gets him off if he’s being paid and face fucks Darren to a happy ending that leaves Darrin’s burning chest covered with Josh’s creamy cum.

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