William Gets Fleshjacked

masked man gets jacked off with a fleshjack by another man

After watching this scene between masked man “William” and Pascal, I’m not exactly sure who the lucky one is. Pascal puts his hands and mouth all over sexy William’s hard body. Pascal undresses William to full nude as he rubs William’s shoulders, chest, abs, and everything in between. William’s uncut cock is standing at  full attention and looking mighty tasty when Pascal goes down and slowly starts sucking on it. William is licking his lips with pleasure from the expert oral provided by Pascal. As if things couldn’t get better for William, Pascal pulls out the most popular jack off device around, lubes it up, and slides the FleshJack over the head and down the full length of his shaft. William gets a blowjob and FleshJacked while Pascal gets his hands and mouth over every hard inch of William’s body and cock. I still can’t tell who’s luckier.

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