Jimmy Face Fucks Boston

straight guy gives the thumbs up as his friend sucks his dick

Jimmy has been at Broke Straight Boys before and knows what is going on. His friend Boston is broke and desperate for cash. Boston knows he is going to have to jack off on camera to get paid but has no idea what he’ll actually do for the dough. The guys strip down to their boxers and Jimmy takes his cock out to start jerking. Boston is a little shy about whipping his dick out and watches his friend stroking a bit before taking his underwear off to expose his semi hard cock. Boston admits that he has fooled around with another guy before and will be willing to do it again if the price is right. He doesn’t take too much convincing either! When the producer tells the straight boys to get going Boston bends right over to take Jimmy’s hard dick in his mouth. “Fooled around” must have meant sucked dick because Boston looks like an expert with jimmy’s hard cock deep in his mouth. When Jimmy stands up to face fuck his friend Boston has a little trouble but Jimmy gives the thumbs up to a blowjob from a friend. There isn’t much more that goes on between the two aside from Boston blowing Jimmy until the end when Boston opens his mouth and lets Jimmy bust his nut into his mouth.

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