Blake Bennet Fucks Anthony at Broke Straight Boys

skinny guy with hairy chest slams his hard cock up a pale white guy's ass

When Anthony called saying he wanted to come back to Broke Straight Boys because he really needed the money they told him yes, if he was willing to let a dude fuck his ass. He wasn’t keen on the idea but he’s done stuff before and did okay with it and he really needs the cash fast so… Enter the tall and thin Blake Bennet. Blake makes Anthony very comfortable going down and sucking his cock until it’s big and hard. Anthony returns the oral pleasure then turns his ass over for Blake to fill with his hard cock. Fill him he does too! Blake goes to town fucking the hell out of poor little Anthony’s tight butt. It is obvious that Anthony isn’t enjoying the ass plowing as much as Blake because his dick is soft from the second Blake’s cock goes in. That’s okay though as Blake’s dick is plenty hard and awesome fun to watch.


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