Simon Shoots and Scores at Squirtz

red haired man with hard uncut cock and piercings

Simon may not be a cute or ripped as some of the young Canadian men that jack off for fun and money at Squirtz but he puts on a show that shouldn’t be missed. Simon is an average looking guy with pierced lower lip and semi-hairy chest with a pierced nipple. The foreskin hangs low from his soft penis as he gets started. If anything, his accent and openness about his sexuality gets the juices flowing. When he gets hard, Simon has a nice thick cock with a slight upward curve. Simon shows off his hard cock and furry hole then lies back to stroke his load. The cumshot is what makes this show awesome! Simon shots a stream of jizz that hits the wall behind him, then another, and another. Finally the cum comes with less force and starts splashing onto his body. In streams. This boy just doesn’t stop!

watch the video here


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