Tattooed Military Dude Jerks Off

naked tattooed guy wearing dog tags and holding hard dick

Mike Nelson is a 21 year old military man stationed outside the San Diego area. Like most guys, he has thought about doing porn videos for a while. Although doing a gay porn wasn’t his first choice, he tells us that he isn’t totally naive when it comes to man on man action. He hasn’t had all out sex with another guy but says one time he joined a bunch of his military buds for a circle jerk. You know the military, always there to help a fellow soldier out. 🙂 In this video Mike shows off his thin inked body while stroking his cock and doesn’t seem to mind at all getting a little help from Jason when it comes time to get off. If you like POV videos you’re going to like this one.

Mike Nelson’s free handjob video preview


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