Garage Smoke & Jerk

tattooed guy jacks off while smoking in the back of a convertible

If Duke put as much work into fixing up the old convertible sitting in his garage as he does jerking off, he would have a super sweet car to show off in. The young skater dude goes outside to enjoy a smoke when his clothes start coming off. The semi hairy man has plenty of tattoos and big balls. He sits in the back of the dusty car and begins to stroke his cock while taking long drags off his Marlboro Blacks. Duke enjoys the rush of the nicotine¬† as much as the dick rubbing and slowly blows the smoke in front of his face. As his cigarette gets near the filter Duke knows that it is time to get back and finishes with cum flowing down his dick and onto his pubes and shaved balls. We are given plenty of close up views of Duke’s dick, ass, and feet throughout his enjoyable jerk off scene online now at Boys Smoking.



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