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Jakub Novek

Jakub Novek big shaved uncut cock

Ben was doing some video work during his European holiday and knew from the moment he saw Jakub’s naked selfie that he had to meet this very well hung 18 year old. Jakub traveled all the way from his home in Poland to Berlin for a jack off show that is sure to please many.  This young man has a silky smooth body that will please the twink fans, a lean torso with ripped abs and tight ass, and obviously… a huge uncut cock.

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Kick boxer strokes 9 inch uncut cock

Daniel James - hard 9 inch cock

Daniel James is a 26 year old kick boxer and marathon runner so you know he has some stamina. The fit lad identifies as gay and says he prefers to top other in shape men. With his fat 9 inch cock, I bet there are plenty of size queen bottom boys lining up to be ridden hard and put away wet by Daniel.  For now though, he is doing a jerk off video. Check back often to see if Daniel does any sex scenes.


Kort Matador strokes a load

Kort Matador strokes his 8 inch dick

You know what they say about guys with big feet right? Well that isn’t always the case but, it certainly is with Kort Matador. This very lean 24 year old is 6’4″ with a 29″ waist and a size 12 shoe and a thick 8 inch cock. Gotta love these skinny guys with big dicks! After some stretching, he settles onto the sofa and begins rubbing himself to a full erection. When he spreads his legs and pushes his cock forward it’s hard to know; do you want at that tight ass or to gobble down his massive meat?

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Girth Brooks Fills Daniel Leon

man sucks a fat cock

They don’t call him Girth for nothing. You can clearly see why when the camera gets in close in this scene with Daniel Leon and Girth Brooks. Daniel’s hand barely fits around Girth’s fat 8 inch dick. Daniel opens his mouth about as wide as it will go to take the monster in his mouth. If watching him suck this fat cock is impressive wait till you see Girth go to town on his ass.


Gogo Boy Mickey Strokes His Fat Uncut Cock

lean tattooed gogo boy with fat hard dick

Mickey is one of the men appearing in the reality series Project Gogo Boy at Cocky Boys. The weekly videos follow the life of NYC and Montreal nude male strippers. You only have to listen to Mickey speak a singe phrase and you know where this sexy Quebecois is from. If his cute face and sexy accent and no-fat ripped body doesn’t have you jonesing for him, seeing his big uncut cock will. The fat piece of meat hangs from a shaved base and swings as he moves around showing off his dance moves. It grows bigger and bigger as he strokes it to fully hard then has a little fun with a Fleshjack jerk off toy. With guys like Mickey doing shows nightly, it’s no wonder Montreal has the reputation they do.

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Kevin Cavallie Strokes Beau Kennedy’s 9 Inch Dick

Kevin Cavallie & Beau Kennedy with big hard cock

Kevin Cavallie & Beau Kennedy hook up in this scene at Circle Jerk Boys. Kevin does his best to suck down all of Beau’s 9.5 inch dick. Beau is so big that he goes semi soft when his cock isn’t being stimulated. Even semi hard it looks big. Keven loves his cock in his mouth or up his ass. He strokes Beau to get him rock hard before sitting on the big pole. Once he’s used to Beau’s dick up his ass Beau takes charge and fucks Kevin in a few positions. Gotta love these skinny guys with huge cocks!

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Drew Fills Ben With Fat 10 Inch Cock

Ben Collins sucks on Drew Brody's hard 10 inch cock

Big dicked black British stud Drew Brody is back at Hard Brit Lads. Like most guys with a huge cock, men are intimidated by him. Even the biggest bottom boys cringe when they see his FAT 10 inch cock. The 10 inch part is big to be sure but it’s the girth that makes him absolutely incredible. Ben Collins loves a challenge and is up to it to be sure. If drew has an anaconda-like cock; Ben has a snake-like jaw. Ben opens wide and somehow manages to fit about 1/3 of the monster piece of man meat in his mouth. Once Drews dick is fully hard, Ben lowers himself onto it for a hardcore fucking that is sure to leave him feeling loose for a while.

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Joe Parker Fills Dean Slater With 9 Inches of Cock

Joe Parker pushes his 9 inch cock deep into Dean Slater's hairy ass

Joe Parker and Dean Slater are playing a game of 20 questions at the start of this scene from Men Over 30. When the topic turns to sex, their big cocks come out and the real fun begins. Joe is the older man with a hairy chest and a nice 9 inch cock with an upwards curve. Dan is no slouch in the cock department either at 7.5 inches of uncut cock. The men take turns sucking each other before Joe puts a condom on and slides his big dick deep up Deans hairy butt.


Thrasher Sucks Cops Big Hard Cock

long haired dude prepares to suck on a cops big hard cock

Thrasher is caught pilfering a tent at the Occupy Ball Street scene in LA when he is caught by police officer, Cliff Jensen. Thrasher asks for mercy and understanding but that isn’t what Cliff has in mind. Once they are inside the tent, Cliff lowers his pants and tells Thrasher to start sucking. The tattooed bad boy does as told but isn’t impressed when Cliff takes the nightstick out.