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Tyler Sweet’s Ass

Doug Acre fucking Tyler Sweet awesome ass

Tyler Sweet is a little older and beefier than his not so long ago twink days. One thing that has not changed is his amazing ass. We get to see plenty of it too as he pairs up with a big dicked favorite, Doug Acre. The young men play with some light bondage before sucking and fucking. Tyler loves the feel of Doug’s long cock plunging deep into his hairless ass and the view is amazing in this video at Fetish Force.


Blindfolded Craig Reynold Gets Sucked By Josh West

Josh West sucks Craig Reynold's hard cock - man dressed in leather harness and blindfold gets his dick sucked by bearded man

Josh West leads a blindfolded Craig Reynolds down the stairs to the dungeon for some fun. He chains Craig’s wrist above his head and pulls down his jock for access to his thick cock. Craig goes down to suck the hairy captive to full erection then bends Craig over to dominate his ass.

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Brenn Wyson Is All Wrapped Up

Brenn Wyson is wrapped naked in clear plastic with only his bare ass exposed as Jimmy Durano moves in with a hard cock

Brenn Wyson is naked and wrapped from neck to ankles in clear plastic with a red ball gag in his mouth. The tattooed blond struggles desperately to free himself when Jimmy Durano enters wearing a latex jock and a leather harness. Jimmy releases the gag to hear Brenn plead then opens the plastic freeing his legs and ass. With Brenn’s legs in the air and Jimmy’s cock hard and ready there is only one thing left to do…

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Kenzie Madison Blows a Hanging Steven Prior

Kenzie Madison blows Steven Prior while hanging

Steven Prior is one of my favorite big dicked boyz but I have never seen him do anything like this before. The guyz at Boynapped have bound Steven’s hands, feet, chest, and hips to a rope and strung him up naked between two cement columns in an old warehouse. Even soft, Steven’s cock look huge but it grows even bigger and develops its distinctive curve when Kenzie Madison gets underneath to start sucking him off. Kenzie looks amazing with Steven’s big spent cock hanging from his mouth and a stream of sperm running down his chin and smooth tanned body.

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