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Drake Temple thick uncut dick

hairy man with hard uncut cock in the shower

Most of the men that get naked to show their big dicks at Bentley Race are Australian but occasionally Ben travels. In this case the man is Drake Temple, an American. He fits the model profile to a tee; average to good looking amateur with a nice sized uncut cock. Drake doesn’t waste any time getting out of his Aussie Bum gear to stroke his thick dick under the warm water of his hotel shower. Even hard, Drake’s foreskin covers the big head.

Kick boxer strokes 9 inch uncut cock

Daniel James - hard 9 inch cock

Daniel James is a 26 year old kick boxer and marathon runner so you know he has some stamina. The fit lad identifies as gay and says he prefers to top other in shape men. With his fat 9 inch cock, I bet there are plenty of size queen bottom boys lining up to be ridden hard and put away wet by Daniel.  For now though, he is doing a jerk off video. Check back often to see if Daniel does any sex scenes.


Kort Matador strokes a load

Kort Matador strokes his 8 inch dick

You know what they say about guys with big feet right? Well that isn’t always the case but, it certainly is with Kort Matador. This very lean 24 year old is 6’4″ with a 29″ waist and a size 12 shoe and a thick 8 inch cock. Gotta love these skinny guys with big dicks! After some stretching, he settles onto the sofa and begins rubbing himself to a full erection. When he spreads his legs and pushes his cock forward it’s hard to know; do you want at that tight ass or to gobble down his massive meat?

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Brant strokes a load at Chaos Men

Brant strokes his hard ginger cock

For redhead lovers you don’t get sites much better than Chaos Men. Brant is one of the latest gingers to get naked and show his stuff. This muscular young man has a boyish face and not much body hair. His innocent persona diminishes quickly as he strips naked and we see his pierced nipples. You can tell that Brant loves to show off his thick cock as it is already getting hard as he lowers his  underwear. His dick gets hard and stays that way as he moves to the sofa to stroke a load for his (and our) enjoyment.

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Mickey Hardwood’s Hard Wood

Mickey Hardwood shows his naked body and hard dick

When Mickey Hardwood checks into a hotel, he quickly makes himself comfortable stripping down to his boxers. This blond has such light colored hair that his legs seem like covered with peach fuzz. I bet it feels so silky. His muscular body with amazing pecks and big nipples will be what turns many guys on. And then, there’s his dick that gets hard so easy and stays hard until he busts a nut onto his ripped abs.

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Jonny B Good and Bad

Jonny B Good - skinny uncut dick

The guys at Squirtz found Jonny on facebook and loved his openness and party boy attitude. When he gets in front of the camera his attitude changes a little to shy first timer. He does get comfortable after a bit and seems even more relaxed stroking his skinny uncut dick for our mutual pleasure than he does answering questions. For a guy with a name like Good, he gives off a bad boy look with his many tattoos and piercings. Twink and ink lovers are going to love his jerk off video that shows every inch of his smooth lean body, tight butt, and all natural cock.

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Horny Blond Strokes Curved Cock & Cums

blond guiy in tanktop tugs his hard curved cock

Terry is a straight 24 year old with a nasty side. He was so horny when he begins his “audition jerk off vid” that he doesn’t seem to care there are a bunch of people watching. Terry tells us about sex with his girlfriend and the kinky positions he likes best as he begins stroking himself. It doesn’t take long for his dick to get rock hard. It is thick with a slight curve that bottoms seem to love and he keeps the pubes nicely trimmed. Terry gives us a nice view of his sweet ass as he humps the bed and even spreads his cheeks for a peek at his fuzzy hole. The stroking is the main action though with a loud cumshot that spurts across his tight abs.

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Aussie Footballer Fleshjacks Fat Uncut Cock

blond guy with legs spread strokes his thick uncut dick

Lincoln Ashby is an avid footballer and sports fan. He isn’t overly muscular but has toned legs, an amazing ass, and a nice uncut Aussie cock that he shows off in this scene at Bentley Race. Lincoln starts on the rooftop kicking a ball around and flashing the massive foreskin hanging from his soft dick. An 80s movie once said it isn’t the size of the flaccid penis but the number of wrinkles. Lincoln add to that by the amount of skin. He fills all that skin nicely too. His dick looks absolutely fat with a big head as he applies a handful of lube while getting ready to shove it deep into a black Fleshjack masturbation device.

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Blake Slater Shows His Cock for Cash

blond guy shows off his smooth ass and uncut cock in jerk off video

Blake Slater is straight and isn’t going to do anything gay. Ya, right! The young Canadian looks so innocent with his long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. He is nervous about getting naked for a gay website but he needs the cash bad so… Out comes his big uncut dick and the fun begins. Blake has his cock hard before his clothes are off. As things progress, he is soon completely naked and spending more time pleasuring himself than worrying about who’s watching what he’s doing.

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