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Billie Starz does Scott V

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Scott gets down on his knees to suck Billie Starz as the action gets started in this Active Duty video. If you think that Scott’s ass looks good now, wait until you see how good it looks as Billie fucks him then shoots his load across Scott’s back.  Both guys have lean muscular bodies but Scott’s ripped abs and hairless tattooed chest looks even better when he’s covered them with his cum.

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Rix fucks Richard Buldger’s tight ass

Rix fucks Richard Buldger

Rix and Richard Buldger are both relatively new to the Active Duty line up.  Rix has only done a solo scene up until now but fans loved his fat uncut cock so much that they invited him back to do this scene with Richard.  Richard and Dix take turns slurping each other’s growing dick then Rix bends Richard over to shove his saliva soaked meat balls deep into the tattooed soldier’s ass.  Rix gives it to him good from a few positions before both young men shoot their loads across Richard’s inked abs.

Joel’s Lost Jerk Off Video

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We have seen Joel and his impressive dick in a few action scenes at Active Duty over the past year but never had the chance to see him pleasuring himself. Until now. Dink has recently released some old video of Joel in a solo that will leave you wanting at this young stud even more. Joel says that he realized he was bigger then most of his friends at about age 15. With his cute looks, boyish face, and big cock, Joel doesn’t have to look far to find a guy or girl willing to service him. In this video he services himself. Watching his hand move slowly up and down his slicked pole is so mouth watering.

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Brock Fucks Jimmy Bareback

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After stripping naked and a little oral foreplay Brock mounts Jimmy for some hardcore bareback action. Brock slides his dick deep into the tattooed military man’s ass and fucks him long and hard until shooting his wad of cum onto Jimmy’s stretched hole.

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Dixon Jerks Off at Active Duty

tattooed Marine's hard cock stands at attention

You gotta love the Marines that Dink Flamingo finds to get off at Active Duty. The Marines always seem to be the wildest of the bunch. Dixon upholds the tradition in this jerk off photo shoot. He gets off to a slow start so Dink starts talking dirty to him. That does the trick! Before long his cock is at full attention and looking as pretty as Dixon’s blue-gray eyes and Macaulay Culkin-like lips. For a guy with such a big muscular body, I thought he’d be bigger. No worries though, it’s how you use it and he knows how to use it as we see in the follow up gay sex scene that went online today.


Military Men 5 Way

Active Duty Video

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The group scenes at Active Duty are some of the best and Bric, Dustin, Nick Gunner, Rusty & Zander keep the tradition going in this 5 man dick sucking scene. The guys are having drinks, listening to some music, and generally having a good time when a few of them hop onto the bar to do a little dance. When military men get to drinking and dancing you know things are going to get wild. And they do. The men on the floor start touching and sucking the guys cocks. It’s like something you’d see at Corner Pocket except way nicer because here, the lighting is great and the whole things gets taped. There is plenty of cock sucking going on at this party at Dink Flamingo’s place.



3 Military Guys In A Shower Sucking Cock

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I know that guys in the military take risks and sometimes get a little wild but when I saw this picture I thought WOW! First, it’s just plain awesome. There are three very nice looking men in a little stand up shower stall together. Two of the guys have nice hard cocks and all have tattoos too. Second, the way they decide to position themselves so that two of them can suck another guys dick in such a small space. To be honest; this reminds me of a three way I had years ago where we ripped the curtain rod from the wall using it for support. How often do you see someone standing on someones shoulders to suck cock in porn? The sheer danger of slipping off and getting hurt would rule this out for me but damn is it fun to watch. Especially when Austin, Carson, and Dustin are the three doing it. The three men move from the shower into the bedroom where the dick sucking and fucking continues. The whole experience is fun but this part is my favorite.


Military Men Have Gay 3 Way

3 military men suck each others hard cocks

Blake, Nick, and Rusty are three military dudes that get naked to show off their lean tattooed bodies and jack off together. It doesn’t take much prodding to get the three men horny enough to touch each other and start sucking each others hard cocks. Once the dick sucking starts it isn’t long before one is getting fucked and taking a cum bath.


Kale Gets Sucked and Fucked At The Same Time

Dustin sucks Kale dick while fucking him

I love guys that are flexible enough to suck their partners cock while fucking them. It used to be my favorite position when I was younger but can only do it to guys with big dicks now. All the PT that Dustin gets in the military must be good for him because Kale isn’t that big in the dick department but that doesn’t stop Dustin from slipping Kale’s semi hard dick into his mouth for a blowjob the same time he fucks the tattooed stud’s tight ass. This is one of the hotter scenes I have seen at Active Duty in a while.

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