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Timothy Rivers does Conner Mason

Conner Mason sucks Timothy Rivers dick

Conner Mason, the cute young gay guy that fakes being straight at Bait Buddies, is back working with Caruso seducing straight guys into having gay sex for cash.  This time the straight guy is 23 year-old Timothy Rivers.  Tim has no trouble getting naked and stroking his 9 inch cock in front of Conner and doesn’t even mind Conner stroking him when the girl doesn’t show (as she never does).  Timothy isn’t too keen on playing with Conner’s meat so it’s Conner that does most of the sucking and stroking and bottoming.

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Joey Loves Straight Boy Cock

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Joey Love is a 23 year old gay boy that loves the thrill of chasing straight men for sex. Not that this cute boy would have any trouble finding plenty of gay guys who would be happy to do him. Duncan Black is auditioning for a straight porn video. Joey can hardly control his excitement knowing what is to come. The girls don’t show and Duncan is offered double the money if he does the scene with Joey. Joey’s cock stays hard from the moment Duncan is naked right up to the end when he spews his load as Duncan is balls deep up his tight ass.


Blake Savage Services Caleb Colton

tattooed straight guy fucks gay mans hairy ass

Tattooed straight boy, Caleb Colton gets more than he bargained for when he hooks up with gay boy Blake Savage in this scene at Bait Buddies. Blake knows what is in store as the action begins and is more than happy to slurp down the hunky mans growing dick. Caleb loves the gay blowjob from Blake but loves the feel of the gay mans hairy ass even better. From the big smile on Blakes’s face, you can tell he likes it too!


Big Dicked Straight Boy Fucks Bi Buddy

tattooed straight guy shoves his 9 inch cock up his bisexual buddies butt

When the producer at Bait Buddies asks Grayson James about the size of his cock he says very casually that he considers himself well endowed. The look on his bisexual buddies face when he sees Grayson’s hard 9 inch dick  is like a dentist’s kid in a candy shop. Exciting and scary at the same time. Anthony Price knows he is going to have to take that big cock up his ass and may have signed up for more than he can handle this time. Anthony sucks Grayson’s cock then lubes up his butt for a long hard fucking from the big dicked straight boy. Anthony gets used to the big tool in no time and shoots a big load onto his hairless stomach as Grayson pounds him.

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Porn 101 – Hard Cock Up The Ass

skinny twinks slams his hard cock up a straight guys ass at porn 101

Jake didn’t know what he was getting into when he takes the Porn 101 class at Bait Buddies. He thinks he is going to be fucking some hot chicks with his massive cock. Instead, it is him taking the hard twink cock of his gay costar, Jake Smith up his straight boy ass. Porn is a hard business!

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Straight Boy Has First Gay Sex

smooth straight guy fucking hairy gay boy

Bryce Jones is a 20 year old straight guy looking to make some extra money doing a jerk off video. David Hitch is a gay guy looking to get off with a cute straight boy. That’s how it goes when Caruso hooks up amateur straight guys for their first gay sex at Bait Buddies. Bryce doesn’t want anything to do with the hairy guy at first. A little dick sucking, fucking, and cash will change that. Bryce likes the feeling of David’s blow job and likes the tightness of his hairy ass even better. You can tell by the huge load of cum he shoots at the end.

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Max Jerks Leo’s 9 Inch Cock

straight guy jerks off with his gay friend

Leo is the tattooed straight guy on the left while Max is the gay bait used by Bait Buddies on the right. Leo showed up wanting to do a gay porn with some girls. He has jerked off with guys before although never actually touched another man’s dick until now. After some mutual masturbation Leo lightens up a little and becomes open to the idea of sex with a man. How far will Leo be willing to go with Max? How much of Leo’s 9 inch cock can can even an experienced dick sucker like Max handle?

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Larkin Fucks His Straight Gym Buddy

dark skined guy fucks his straight white friend

After Larkin’s initiation with Devin Moss he returned to Bait Buddies with an idea to entice Alex Andrews, his gym buddy, to come in for an exploration of his kinky side. Alex and Larkin get naked together and compare their big hard cocks. Larkin’s 10 inches is a bit bigger than Alex’s 7.5 inch cock but both look great. The guys take turns sucking each other for a bit then Alex turns his virgin ass over for his first man on man fucking.

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Jamie Aero Fucks Cameron Sharp

Jamie Aero has anal sex with Cameron Sharp

Jamie Aero needed some money for a truck payment and was desperate for cash. So desperate that he even called his ex girlfriend. She denied him the money but sent him to the owners of Bait Buddies telling him if he wanted the money bad enough he could get paid to have sex with another man on camera. Aren’t exes a bitch? Jamie showed up ready to go and was paired with a cute twink with buzzed hair; Cameron Sharp. I don’t think Cameron knew what he was getting into on this one. Yes, he knew full well that he was going to have sex with a straight boy but Jamie really lays into Cameron’s ass and gives it to him hard. If you like your sex to be loud then you’re going to love this scene and it you’re watching in an area where privacy is important turn the volume down before you watch because these two young men really get into each other. (no pun intended) Jamie fucks Cameron with his long hard cock from a few positions then pulls out to shoot his load across Cameron’s sweet twink face.

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