Hard Bentley Race Cocks

Patrik Vass

Patrik Vass big uncut cock
Ben says that he met 20 year-old Patrik while visiting Hungry.  Patrik was excited to show off a new jock strap that he purchased for his photo shoot.  With his cute face and ripped abs, the thin Hungarian looks great in his new jock but DAMN – when he lets his cock out, that’s what is really impressive.  What is it with these skinny guys and their huge dicks?  Patrik loves to show off his long, thick, uncut dick and has as much fun doing it as we do watching him.

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Jakub Novek

Jakub Novek big shaved uncut cock

Ben was doing some video work during his European holiday and knew from the moment he saw Jakub’s naked selfie that he had to meet this very well hung 18 year old. Jakub traveled all the way from his home in Poland to Berlin for a jack off show that is sure to please many.  This young man has a silky smooth body that will please the twink fans, a lean torso with ripped abs and tight ass, and obviously… a huge uncut cock.

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Drake Temple thick uncut dick

hairy man with hard uncut cock in the shower

Most of the men that get naked to show their big dicks at Bentley Race are Australian but occasionally Ben travels. In this case the man is Drake Temple, an American. He fits the model profile to a tee; average to good looking amateur with a nice sized uncut cock. Drake doesn’t waste any time getting out of his Aussie Bum gear to stroke his thick dick under the warm water of his hotel shower. Even hard, Drake’s foreskin covers the big head.

Aussie Footballer Fleshjacks Fat Uncut Cock

blond guy with legs spread strokes his thick uncut dick

Lincoln Ashby is an avid footballer and sports fan. He isn’t overly muscular but has toned legs, an amazing ass, and a nice uncut Aussie cock that he shows off in this scene at Bentley Race. Lincoln starts on the rooftop kicking a ball around and flashing the massive foreskin hanging from his soft dick. An 80s movie once said it isn’t the size of the flaccid penis but the number of wrinkles. Lincoln add to that by the amount of skin. He fills all that skin nicely too. His dick looks absolutely fat with a big head as he applies a handful of lube while getting ready to shove it deep into a black Fleshjack masturbation device.

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Tate Ryder and Jake Randel in a Hot Tub

tattooed jock Tate Ryder sucks Jake Randel's hard cock in a hot tub

A Bentley Race member’s favorite, Tate Ryder is back. He hooks up with Jake Randel in a hotel room with a hot tub and a big bed. The guys can barely keep their hands off each other as they get into their Aussie Bum shorts and head to the tub. The warm bubbling water and seeing each other all wet and sexy; it doesn’t take long before their suites are off and the dick sucking begins. Tate starts the action as seen above taking all of Jake’s thick cock in his mouth. There is plenty of dick sucking, riming, and fucking that takes place as they move from the hot tub to the bed.


Hairy Aussie Strokes His Big Cock

hairy chested man wearing a cock ring around his fat dick

Leo Rocca is the latest amateur Aussie to strip (mostly) naked and jerk their big Aussie cock at Bentley Race. Leo starts the action in the stairwell where he shows us his hairy body and ass then goes inside to finish the job. The thick cock ring around Leo’s dick and balls make the vein really stand out as he pumps a load of cum.

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Double The Pleasure – Rimjob & Self Sucker

Robbie Price gets rimmed as he sucks his own cock

Robbie Price must be in absolute pleasure in this scene at Bentley Race. Not only does he easily suck his own big uncut cock but Ben adds to the pleasure factor by rimming his smooth ass too! The feeling gets to Robbie in the end (pun totally intended) causing his to cum onto his own face.



TJ’s Big Aussie Cock

skinny Aussie jacks his big uncut cock

TJ Nelson is a new “friend” of Ben at Bentley Race. TJ says that he has wanted to do porn for a while and is very happy to show off his thin body, hairy ass, and uncut cock for us. TJ strips mostly naked except for a hat, some sweat bands, and his socks. His upper chest has some hair that is trimmed close to match the hair on his belly and his pubes. TJ shows off his skinny butt then gets to work stroking his big uncut cock. I’ve said it before many time and will say it again… I’m always impressed with these skinny guys with big fat dicks. TJ’s cock isn’t that fat but it sure does look long and big against his thin torso.

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Hard Tattooed Cock

dark haired guy jacks his hard tattooed cock

Anthony Blaize is a San Francisco native that received a visit while Ben of Bentley Race was touring the US. Looking at Anthony fully dressed you can tell that this cute young man is inked. A large script SFO around his neck lets you know that San Fran is home and both arms are covered from shoulder to fingers with black and red ink. The black glasses he wears make Anthony so cute! As Anthony gets naked I was surprised that his smooth chest doesn’t have much ink. Anthony’s pubes and balls are shaved bare and his cock is decorated with a tattoo that runs almost the full length of his shaft. The tattoo looks great on his hard penis that I wonder, was he hard as they did this? Anthony shows off his naked body then gets to work jacking off. Anthony gets his dick all lubed up and grabs a clear masturbation sleeve for the added pleasure. The toy isn’t a FleshJack but it offers plenty of pleasure as you can see on Anthony’s face and because it is clear, offers a continued view of his inked dick. This alternative inked twink puts on a grand show for sure! Lets hope that Ben was able to entice Andrew for more during his California visit.

Anthony gets off at Bentley Race