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Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman flip

Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman 69

Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman are both in-shape and well hung college-aged men.  With each measuring in at 7.5 inches it’s a fair trade when they hook up to suck each other and flip fuck.  The 69 is intense enough with Zeke easily swallowing every inch of Juan’s dick.  Juan gets fucked first, riding Zeke then hops off to lift Zeke’s legs to him face to face style.

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Tom Faulk Fills Rob Ryder with Hard Jock Cock

Rob Ryder holds on tight as Tom Faulk fucks him in a face to face gay sex position

Woof! Two tattooed smooth bodied college jocks like Tom Faulk and Rob Ryder go at it that’s the first word that comes to mind. Tom has been making a name for himself at College Dudes since his jack off video and Rob Ryder is the power bottom that can’t get enough. Truthfully, I don’t know who the luckier one in this scene is. Both of these ripped college boys are totally doable.

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Cole Sucks Alexander’s Hard College Dude Cock

tattooed blond sucks his college friend's hard cock

Cole Gartner is sucking on Alexander Green’s big dick now but it will be Alexander that takes a big college dude cock up his sweet ass. The guys get naked and exchange blowjobs to get each other good and hard. Cole rims Alexander’s awesome butt then goes to town fucking him all over on a black leather sectional. These college dudes really know how to have a good time.


Long Haired College Jock Jacks Off

long haired blond college jock strokes his hard cock

There have been so many hot guys getting off at College Dudes lately that it was hard to decide who I wanted to use for this post. That was until I saw Tom Faulk. This long haired jock is a perfect example of amateur hot. Tom has average looks with a great body and fun personality. The fact that Tom gets naked to rub one out on camera is pretty cool too.


College Jock Jacks Off With a Dildo & Lube

college jock jacks his hard cock with a dildo up his hairy butt

Nick Stuart is a new comer at College Dudes that knows how to make an awesome first impression. Nick gets off to a great start when he strips naked to show his athletic body with a slight bit of hair on his chest and stomach. His abs are not ripped but do have a bit of a 4 pack going. Nick’s dick is already semi hard when he lowers his boxers and starts stroking. The show is going great with Nick jacking his hard cock and gets even better when he pulls out a medium sized dildo and a bottle of lube. He teases his puckered hole a bit with the wet tip then slowly slides the cock shaped sex toy in until only an inch or so is sticking out. The look on his face as he strokes his lube covered cock and fucks himself with the dildo says it all.

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Jay Smith – Hard Cock & Smiles

tattooed college dude smiles while showing his hard dick

Jay Smith is one of the new models at College Dudes that is going to impress a lot of viewers. He has been modeling for a while but has never done a video before. He spent a lot of time in the gym getting in shape for his debut and it shows. His washboard abs and defined upper body look awesome. It looks like Jay is having fun with his big smile and 7 inch dick that points up even when he is laying back. That is perfect for taking a ride.

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Glenn Phillips Rides an 8 Inch Cock

horny college guy rides an 8 inch uncut cock

Glenn Phillips is new to the gay porn thing having only done his first jack off last month. There is nothing like jumping right in for more or in this case jumping right on. The guy Glenn chooses to ride is an excellent choice too, Jerry Ford. Jerry is a ripped college jock with a nice 8 inch uncut cock and the patients to train newbies like Glenn. Glenn sucks on Jerry’s cock to get him nice and hard then Jerry rims Glenn’s ass to loosen him up a little before shoving his dick in. Jerry does Glenn doggy style at first then Glenn takes control to ride on Jerry’s big hard cock.

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College Jock Sucks Hard Cock

glenn phillips sucks devin adams hard college cock jock

Glenn Phillips just did his first jerk off video a few days ago at College Dudes and is already back; this time with Devin Adams. The way that Glenn showed off his shaved hole and fingered himself I thought for sure we’d see this new guy getting plowed by Devin’s 7.5 inch cock but that wasn’t the case at all. Both guys are almost instantly hard as they strip each other naked then take turns sucking each other for a while. You can clearly see in the picture above that Devin is rock hard as he sucks on Glenn’s dick. After the flip flop sucking, Glenn bends Devin over to shove his dick in the college jock’s muscular ass. Glenn may have an average (6.5 inches) cock but he sure knows how to use it and the looks and sounds produced by Devin as Glenn plows his behind proves it!

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Chase Rawling Takes College Jock’s Hard Cock

dark haired college jock gets fucked by blond with 7 inch cock

Scott Isaac has been a busy guy lately. How does this hot blond college jock find so much time to jack off, suck dick, and fuck so many guys at College Dudes between classes? Who cares… he is crazy ass hot and his fuck buddy in today’s scene (Chase Rawling) isn’t so bad either. The guys start with some heavy kissing while undressing and suck each other for a bit before Scott fills Chase’s ass with his hard 7.5 inch cock. Scott fucks Chase in at least 3 positions before busting his nut leaving Chase sweaty, sticky, and satisfied.

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