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Aiden Tripp cums for cash

Kip or Aiden Tripp

A lot of guys do straight porn for fun or bragging rights and some do gay porn because they’re broke or bi.  Aiden Tripp is an example of a straight guy that has done porn before and needs some cash for classes.  The fellows at Straight Fraternity are willing to pay for college aged guys that are willing to get naked and get off on camera so…  Aiden has a great cum shot that flies across his chest and splashes on his neck and chin so we hope they paid him extra.

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Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman flip

Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman 69

Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman are both in-shape and well hung college-aged men.  With each measuring in at 7.5 inches it’s a fair trade when they hook up to suck each other and flip fuck.  The 69 is intense enough with Zeke easily swallowing every inch of Juan’s dick.  Juan gets fucked first, riding Zeke then hops off to lift Zeke’s legs to him face to face style.

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Drunk Frat Boy Has Gay 3 Way

college guys have gay  3 way

When college guys get drunk and start comparing their dicks, things get interesting quick! The guy with the smallest cock has to service the other two. He sucks them both then turns his ass over for both of them to fill with their bare cocks. The college dudes don’t have time or supplies to worry about condoms.

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Connor Jerks his Big Jock Cock

college jock has ripped abs and a big hard cock


Connor loves to get naked and show off his lean body and big dick. You can tell that the whole idea gets him going because his dick gets hard as he strips off his clothes. Some people just love showing it all off and why wouldn’t he? Connor has a lean jock body with ripped abs and a tight runners ass covered with a thin coat of dark fur. His chest and stomach have a little hair matching his trimmed pubes and shaved balls. Connor moves from the kitchen to the gym, showers, and returns to finish jerking his load onto his stomach in his second jack off video online now at FratMen.


Trent’s Jerk Off Audition

skinny blond masturbates and cums

Trent is what amateur gay porn is all about. The skinny blond isn’t all that exceptional looking and is even a little shy when he gets naked for the camera for his audition video at the Straight Fraternity. It takes the shaved surfer a bit to get hard and keep it up but once he closes his eyes and gets into the feeling, the results speak for them self. Trent is pumping away when the first spurt of jizz splashes on his upper chest. A few squirts later and the base of his shaved cock and hand are covered with his creamy cum.


Drunk College Boys Sucking Cock

two college guys get dick sucked as friend watches and video tapes

As you can clearly see from the empty vodka bottle on the table and beer can in the one young man’s hand, these college boys have been drinking. Horny college men and alcohol almost always lead to sex. At the Fraternity X that is ALWAYS the case! The two guys sit on the sofa as their two frat brothers take turns sucking their dick. The video is amateur but fun at Fraternity X.

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Aaron White Debut Jerk Off Video

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Aaron White is a 21 year old college age jock with a cute twinkish look and very fun personality. In his debut video at Circle Jerk Boys he is having fun with the camera on his cell phone. Pictures of his flexed tattooed biceps, smooth chest, and hairless abs. The cell phone pics get interesting when Aaron undoes his pants and points the phone down his underwear. It isn’t long before he is completely naked and stroking his cock for pleasure as well as fun. This young man knows how to please himself while giving us what we want too. He fingers his shaved ass and massages his big balls while pumping his cock to a creamy finish.

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Straight Frat Guys Get Off Together

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Junior and Angle are two straight fraternity guys that say they’re willing to do anything for fun and extra cash. They are playful when it comes to getting naked and touching each others dick but get a little hesitant when they ask the boys to go further. One of the guys gets rimmed and there is even some dick sucking that goes on before these two young men get off together.

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Jack Sucks Paul’s Big Uncut Cock

Blond jock Jack sucks Paul's thick hard cock

Paul starts the action by grabbing his blond college buddy Jack and kissing him. Next thing you know the college buddies are wrestling each others clothes off and Paul is blowing Jack. Jack is hungry for Paul’s cock and looks surprised when he sees how big it is. Jack is up for the challenge and does his best to take all of Paul’s huge uncut cock down his throat. Paul helps by placing his hands on the back of Jack’s head and pushes him down on it.

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