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Ricky Hampton fucks Casey Lee

Ricky Hampton fucks Casey Lee

Casey Lee has fooled around with Ricky Hampton at English Lads before, usually as a top.  This time around it is Ricky that will be giving the hot beef injection to Casey.  From the smile on Casey’s face as Ricky slides his uncut cock in balls-deep, I think he like it, he really like it.

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Chris Little Parties with Rich Wills

Chris Little sucks Rich Wills hard dick

Watching these two hot young men as the get playful with each other is fun enough. They both smile and have fun rubbing each others cocks through their tight underwear. It gets even better when Chris Little pulls the growing 8″ dick of Rich Wills out to suck on. Rich is giggling at first but gets serious pleasure as Chris swallows the full length of his throbbing meat pole.


Brandon Lewis Sucks Paddy O’Brian’s Uncut Cock

English jock gets a gay blowjob

Paddy O’Brian is back at English Lads and is ready to fuck. His partner is Brandon Lewis. Brandon is ready to please Paddy from the get go. Brandon gets Paddy naked and gets down on his knees to suck Paddy to full erection. Paddy loves the feel of Brandon’s mouth sliding up and down his uncut cock but loves the feeling of his tight ass even better.

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Chris Little does Justin Harris

blond jock pushes his hard uncut cock up dark haired Brits butt

Members can’t get enough of blond Brit Chris Little at English Lads. Chris is paired up with dark haired Justin Harris again but this time the lads are taking thing to a new level. They take their shirts off and admire each others body then Chris jumps into action. He goes down to suck on Justin’s uncut dick to get him good and horny. In a surprise move, Chris puts Justin into a position for him to fuck. Chris rolls a condom over his throbbing uncut tool then slides it right up Justin’s ass. Chris isn’t big (6.5 inches) but it’s enough to do the trick; for Justin and us!

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Sam Johnson Sucks Jamie West Hard Uncut Cock

Sam Johnson naked bending over sucking Jamie West hard uncut cock

For a straight guy, it looks as if 18 year old Sam Johnson is pretty good at sucking dick. That is if the big smile on Jamie West face and the swelling cock sticking out from his open jeans are any indication. As if getting to suck on Jamie’s uncut dick wasn’t pleasure enough, Sam gets Jamie naked and sits his virgin ass down on Jamie’s big dick. Not bad for Sam’s first duo sex scene.


3 Big Brits Suck Hard Uncut Cocks

3 English jocks suck each others uncut cock

Big dicked Brits: Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James get together for some fun in this hardcore gay 3 way action at English Lads. All three men have lean athletic bodies and nice uncut cocks leaving plenty for the eyes to take in at once. Talking of too much to take in at once, look at skinny Darius in the picture above. Darius takes the 7.5 inch cock of Dan Broughton up his bum while slurping down all 8.5 inches of Dan James uncut dick. This is only part of the action you can see in 400 plus hi def pictures online now at English Lads.


Jaime West Fills Justin Harris With Hard Uncut Cock

smooth English lad buries his hard uncut cock deep into another man's ass

Jamie West is the cute English lad with a super smooth body, a bad boy tattoo, and a nice big uncut cock. Justin Harris barely has his pants off before Jaime is rubbing his hard dick against his butt. Jaime puts a condom on and buries the full length of his hard dick deep into Justin’s ass. From the smile and hard cock in hand, it looks like Justin loves the English lads fucking almost as much as Jaime.


Bezza Daniels Fucks Dan Broughton

hairy British dude has anal sex with tattooed English lad

Dan Broughton loves the feel of Bezza’s big uncut cock up his ass so much that he shoots his load while getting fucked. The hairy chested British man continues to fill Dan until he is ready to cum as well but, instead moves up to jerk his thick English cum across Bezza’s face. The tattooed English Lad looks great covered in cum.


Dan Sucks Jay Hall’s Hard Uncut Cock

Blond English lad sucks straight guy hard uncut cock

Jay Hall has finally decided that it is okay to let another guy have at his uncut English cock. Dan Broughton is the lucky guy that will give the hunk his first gay blowjob and both men look happy about it! Dan has his hands down the front of Jay’s pants before they are off. When Jay’s pants do come off he already has a nice hard on that Dan plays with through the underwear. Dan doesn’t wait long to pull the underwear off and get to slurping down Jay’s big British dick.