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Roberto is a 21 year old Latino dude with plenty of tattoos to go with his straight boy attitude. He starts wearing a cap and jeans. His 7 inch dick looks bigger when his pants are on but he looks better with them off. Roberto has nice smooth skin and keeps his pubes neatly trimmed. He works up a bit of sweat jerking himself to a climax that splashes onto his stomach in his video online now at Miami Boyz.


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The skinny skater Santiago is back at Miami Boyz and looking as good as ever. Santiago is 19 now and still doing a lot of kickboxing. That must be how he stays so lean and ripped. There is very little body fat on him yet he sports a nice thick uncut cock. About half way through his jack off video he starts to go limp. Lucky Lee is willing to lend a hand and mouth to the young man getting him back on track for his cumshot.

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In some ways, Ray is a typical 20 year old Latino. He has some hair starting to grow in the middle of his chest and still has a lean body surging with testosterone. In one obvious way though, Ray is anything but typical. Unless you call a 9 inch dick typical. After showing us his naked self and hairy ass, Ray gets down to business jerking a load from his big Latino cock until cumming. You know those big balls put out some cum.


Cacho Jerks His 8 Inch Cock

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Cacho is a 20 year old Latino with a long thin body and a long uncut cock. This amateur straight boy gets naked at Miami Boyz and plays with his foreskin a bit while stroking himself to full erection. As his dick gets bigger a slight curve appears and the skin slides back exposing the swelling head at the end of his 8 inch cock. Cacho has big bush that looks as if it has never been trimmed but his stomach mostly smooth. The smooth stomach looks great covered with his cum.

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Enrique is a 20 year old straight guy with plenty of tattoos, lots of attitude, and a fat uncut cock that he strokes at Miami Boyz. He starts by undressing and showing off his lean ripped body then pulls out his dick to play with his foreskin. Pulling and tugging on the hood of his cock starts to get him hard. Enrique’s dick grows and grows to it’s full 8 inches and looks thick. The Latino straight guy shows off his ass but spends all of his attention stroking his cock until spewing a thick load of sticky jizz onto his abs and pubes.

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Rubio is paler than most of the Latino guys at Miami Boyz but has other qualities that is going to make viewers of his jack off video happy. First, 19 year old Rubio has a smooth lean body with nice abs. Second, is his thick 8 inch uncut cock with lots of foreskin. Third is the amazing cumshot generated from his intense pumping action. Rubio plays with his foreskin, gets rock hard, then shoots a stream of cum that hits the wall behind him, splatters across his face, and leaves a white trail of jizz down his smooth chest.

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19 Year Old Beto Strokes 7 Inch Uncut Cock

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Beto is a 19 year old straight boy from Brazil that says he would consider topping another guy if the motivation was right. For now the furthest he will go is getting naked and jerking off. He shows us his lean tattooed body with ripped abs and hairy ass before getting to work jacking his thick 7 inch uncut cock at Miami Boyz.


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