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Ricky Thicke’s Bathtub Threeway

Johnny Torque, Brandon Bronco, and Ricky Thicke have gay sex 3 way

Next Door favorite Johnny Torque is enjoying a quiet day stroking his dick in front of the big windows above his huge sunk in tub. New comer Ricky Thicke shows up and enjoys the show from the doorway. Thicke and Johnny are enjoying each other when another new guy, Brandon Broncho shows up to join in the fun. And what fun it is! The three sexy jocks take turns rubbing and sucking each others dick to full hardness. Ricky is so into the action that Johnny and Brandon take turns filling his mouth and ass with cock. Brandon sprays his load across Ricky’s face as Johnny fucks him.

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Vinny Castillo Gets Blown By Johnny Torque

tattooed dude sucks hairy mans dick

A double cumshot scene with Johny Torque blowing Vinny Castillo twice. The action starts when Vinny walks in just as Johnny is getting out of the shower. Johny starts stroking himself, teasing the hairy straight man. Straight, right, Vinny starts getting hard watching Johnny and it’s definitely noticeable.  Johny goes over to start sucking the bulky cock growing between Vinnie’s legs. The feeling is so good that Vinny cums quickly. Both men are still hard so Johnny continues sucking and deep throating until both guys shoot another load.

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Three Christmas Updates from Next Door Studios

The guys at Next Door Studios are in the giving spirit. They have three updates this week with a Christmas feel including a hot twink time, big dicked Samuel O’Toole wrapping a present, and a gay holiday orgy scene at Next Door Buddies. The best part is, you get access to all three scenes and plenty more when you join Next Door World.

Samuel O’Toole & Aaron Blake

Samuel O'Toole and Aaron Blake get naked and have sex while wrapping Christmas presents

Samuel O’Toole and Aaron Blake take a break from wrapping presents to have sex on the wrapping table. Aaron has a bow just above his cock and another near his sweet ass. Samuel takes that to mean that they’re his. He slurps down Aaron’s herd cock then penetrates his smooth ass with a special sex toy before giving him a big hot meat injection, Samuel O’Toole style. Free Video Preview Here

How The Twinks Stole Christmas

tattooed twink Johnny Torque and Noah Brooks have a Christmas morning sex fest

Johnny Torque and his “boy scout” buddy, Noah Brooks are guessing what their parents got each other for Christmas. When they discover a FleshJack and a box of magnum condoms under the tree they have to experiment with them. Johnny uses the FleshJack on Noah’s hard twink cock then puts the oversized condom on to show Noah how to take a cock like a man. Free preview video at Next Door Twink

Gay Christmas Orgy

Next Door Buddies Video

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Saving the biggest update for last… These 6 men get together to exchange presents and their hard cocks in this festive orgy scene at Next Door Buddies. There is plenty of action and something for everyone as these guys hook up. Big cocks, a redheads, twinks, and jocks alike make for a very fun scene. In the holiday spirit, there is plenty of giving.

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MMA Fighters Go Hardcore

tattooed MMA fighter sucks opponents hard cock

Cliff Jensen & Steven Daigle take their work outs seriously. They meet up regular for an all inclusive workout that includes weights, cardio, heavy bag, boxing, and grappling. Their workout gets the most intense when working on the floor. The guys shorts come off and both are wearing black jock straps as they roll around on top of each other. Being near naked with such a hot guy gets both men excited and hard. They suck each other hard cock as they change positions and practice reversals. One of these fighters is going to have to submit while one dominates. Will the winner be Cliff or Steven?

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Spencer Reed Fucks Phillip Aubrey

Spencer Reed Fucks Phillip Aubrey in the mens locker room

While getting ready for practice, Spencer Reed and Philip Aubrey get a look at each other undressed and decide that training can wait a bit. The men hide out in the stall when teammates come looking and get down to sucking each other hard cock as soon as the coast is clear. Both men are well built and tattooed but Spence is the bigger of the two and Philip’s ass is too sweet not to be fucked so Spencer dominates Philip as the fucking begins.

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Parker Sucks Jeremy’s Hard Cock

Parker Perry sucks Jeremy Bilding's hard cock

Parker Perry sucks the hard cock of Jeremy Bilding after getting caught jerking off in the locker room. After the blowjob, Jeremy turns his hard dick to Parker’s furry ass.

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Jock Sucks Two Hard Cocks

Nikko Alexander sucks two hard cocks in the gym's weight room

Nikko Alexander sucks Jay Cloud and Zac Lake’s hard jock cocks while relaxing on a weight bench at Next Door Buddies.

Nikko Takes Two Hard Cocks

Nikko sucks two hard cocks while stroking his own

Nikko Alexander sucks the hard jock cocks of Jay Cloud and Zac Lake at Next Door Buddies.

Gabriel & Dominic

Two jocks with hard uncut cocks naked on the deck

Gabriel and Dominic share their uncut cock with each other at Next Door Buddies.