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Trey Gives Mark Full Service at NY Straight Men

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Mark has always wanted to know what it was like to have his ass licked. It’s got to feel good he thinks. From the look on his face as Trey works his long tongue around his hole says yes. Once Mark has had his fill of the incredible riming, he turns to feed his rock hard cock to the gay dick sucker. Trey loves his job. He licks the full shaft and deep throats every inch as Mark fucks his face. Eventually Mark spews his load across Trey’s face and leaves his chest dripping with jizz. Guess he liked it a lot!


Spanish Daddy Drops in For Gay Blowjob

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A hunky hairy favorite at NY Straight Men is Vincent. For an older guy with graying hair, this daddy is in shape! He has a muscular body with pumped chest and shoulders, flat belly, and amazing ass. Vincent doesn’t fool around when it comes to his afternoon booty calls either. He was out running this day when he stopped by for a quickie with new NYSM cocksucker Paul. Paul gets on his knees to lick, suck, and stroke Vincent’s uncut dick. When he gets fully hard the thick sweaty mat of Vincent is too much for Paul. The Spanish daddy grabs Paul’s head to push it in farther causing Paul to gag and squirm as Vincent busts his nut directly into Paul’s mouth. If you did older, aggressive straight men getting serviced… your going to love Vincent at NY Straight Men.


Adam Gets His Hard Dick Sucked by Trey

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Adam is an average looking man with long hair and a scruffy beard. The big New Yorker knows his way around the city and knows where to go for the best blowjobs too. He shows up at the NY Straight Men apartment for an afternoon servicing by gay cocksucker Trey. Adam has an average sized cock making deep throat action by Trey easy and bringing pure joy to the straight guy getting a gay blowjob.


Trey Sucks Brent’s Shaved Cock

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To celebrate the new year, Bent stopped over to the NY Straight Men apartment for some action. This horny straight man knows where to go for the best blowjobs and more. This was an and more occasion too. Trey starts to service Brent like most of the men who come over. Brent is hard in no time and heads over to a table. Instead of sitting, he lies belly down with his shaved ass in Trey’s face. The riming and dick sucking send Brent over the edge and shoots his load onto the floor.


Hairy Hunk Gets Gay Blowjob

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Hairy straight hunk Dave has a new girlfriend but he still loves the professional servicing he gets when he visits the gay cock suckers at NY Straight Men. Trey is excited to see Dave again and wastes no time getting on his knees to start sucking his cock. Dave is hard in no time and loving the deep throating performed by Trey. Dave lies back on the couch moaning with pleasure as Trey works a thick load from his saliva slicked cock.


Brent’s Gay Blow Job

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The guys at NY Straight Men were happy as pie when hot looking straight guy Brent called to say he was in the area and looking to get blown. They were surprised when he showed up wearing a suite. If you think Brent looks good in the picture above, visit NY Straight Men to see him with his cock hanging out the front of his suite.


Hairy Straight Guy Tim Gets Blowjob

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Tim was spotted by a woman paid to scout horny straight men at a popular breeder pick up club in New York city. She got Tim pretty drunk then made the offer for him to get whatever oral action he wanted. The hitch… The blowjob would be coming from a professional gay cocksucker. She gave Tim the number then left the horny straight guy to think. A few weeks later he called to say sure, he’d love a blowjob and doesn’t care if it is from another dude. The way Tim’s dick gets hard with the slightest touch I’d say he was horny indeed right up to when he cums.


Todd Gets Gay Blowjob

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Todd was a little more than apprehensive about getting sucked off by a guy when he showed up at NY Straight Men. He had trouble getting hard at first but stiffened up nice when Trey began to deep throat him. Todd has an average sized cock but like to push it all the way in. He grabs Trey’s head to push his dick all the way in to cum in Trey’s mouth. Trey doesn’t mind at all having the straight man’s cock and cum in his mouth.


Lucas Blows Jimmy @ NY Straight Men

Lucas gives Jimmy a blowjob on a massage table

Tattooed straight dude Jimmy came over for a massage and gets the extra special treatment from Lucas in this scene at NY Straight Men. Jimmy gets naked and lays on the table face down for his back rub. Lucas rubs oil on Jimmy then slides his tongue into the straight jocks ass for a rimming. Jimmy turns over to feed his hard cock to Lucas. The bearded masseur takes every inch of Jimmy’s hard dick in his mouth and sucks him to a nice cumshot.