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Cory fucks Robbie

Cory and Robbie had fun running around the beach naked.  Their mutual jerk off in the sand leads them to the house where they take turns sucking each other before Robbie offers up his sweet ass for to Cory.  Wow! – he really gives it to him.  Usually it’s Robbie that leaves his partners walking funny.

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Ryan takes Roberto’s raw Latin cock

Roberto does Ryan bareback

Roberto gets very excited as Ryan sucks his big Latin cock and rims his ass. It isn’t long before Ryan has his super sweet ass in the air and ready to be fucked. Roberto slowly slides his lubed up dick into Ryan and lets out a long moan of pleasure. Roberto fucks Ryan bareback in his first gay sex scene at Sean Cody. If the action with Ryan is any indication, Roberto will be back for more! He slams the crap out of Ryan’s experienced ass from a number of positions then jerks his load across the bottom boy’s stretched hole.



Brandon does Pete bareback at Sean Cody

Sean Cody - Brandon fucks Pete bareback

It’s been about two years since we’ve seen Pete do a scene at Sean Cody but he looks as good as ever in his first bareback scene with Brandon. Brandon has lots of experience.  Since the amateur jock site resumed bareback scenes, Brandon has done seven gay sex scenes without condoms. It didn’t take much convincing to get Pete back and filming. He and Brandon hit it off so well that Pete is already thinking about coming back for more.

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Dalton Fucks Aidan Bareback at Sean Cody

tattooed jocks have gay bareback sex

Something about watching Dalton at Sean Cody really turns me on. His body is ripped and the super religious tattoos of Jesus and angels on his smooth chest show that yes, these Christian boys can be coaxed into gay sex, if you pay them. Personally, I think from the way Dalton goes to town pounding Aidan’s sweet boy butt that he enjoys it more than doing it for the money. Besides, most of the guys I know would be willing to pay for a chance to have sex with a hot looking stud like Aidan anyway.


Coner Blows Himself

big dicked jock sucks himself

Admit it, you’ve tried to suck your own dick at some point. While many guys joke about never leaving the house if they could, very few of us can self suck. Thank goodness that isn’t the case with Coner. This energetic young man loves to walk the beach shirtless. He gets plenty of looks with his jock body, cute face, and outgoing personality. When he goes inside to get naked and stroke his load is when things get really interesting. About half way through his stroking session Coner lies on the sofa, puts his legs in the air, and slips his cock into his own mouth. For the full pleasure of it all, Coner fingers his ass while blowing himself to a creamy finish. Yoga lessons are sure to increase after watching this video!



Joshua Does Curtis Bareback at Sean Cody

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Curtis is a picky bottom. The photo and video team at Sean Cody were pleased when Curtis showed an instant attraction to horny top Joshua. Curtis was already getting hard as the muscular men get undressed and start fooling around. The foreplay is vanilla but the fucking is all hardcore bareback. Joshua does Curtis from behind at first to get him loosened up then Curtis climbs on to take a wild ride. There’s something so hot about a jock like Curtis being rode hard and put away wet.


College Boy with Big Russian Cock

Serge is a smooth bodied blond haired college jock with a big hard uncut cock

Don’t let the boyish face and smooth body of this blond college boy Serge fool you… he is all man. Originally from Russia, Serge displays some of the traits we’ve all come to love from the eastern European country. Strong facial features, a lean muscular body, and an uncut cock. After showing us his shirtless body outside, Serge moves inside to strip completely naked and stroke out a load for his, and our, enjoyment.

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Ripped Marine Strokes His Hard Cock

young jock with a ripped body and hard oiled cock

Pierce was a US Marine up until very recently. All the running and push ups have done his body well. His smooth body with well defined muscles is equally as awesome to watch as his his hard oiled up cock. Piece starts his scene at Sean Cody in a jacuzzi and ends up inside naked and stroking. We can see every hard inch of this young jock’s hard body and hard cock.

Pierce at Sean Cody


Hard Uncut Dominican Cock

Ricardo of Sean Cody poses naked with a big hard on

Ricardo is a dark skinned 20 year old from the Dominican with a great body and an even better dick. Even soft is cock is about the size of a coke can and when it grows to full size it is sure to fill the hole of even the most experienced bottom boyz. Ricardo sits back to stroke his monster cock at Sean Cody.