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Kort Matador strokes a load

Kort Matador strokes his 8 inch dick

You know what they say about guys with big feet right? Well that isn’t always the case but, it certainly is with Kort Matador. This very lean 24 year old is 6’4″ with a 29″ waist and a size 12 shoe and a thick 8 inch cock. Gotta love these skinny guys with big dicks! After some stretching, he settles onto the sofa and begins rubbing himself to a full erection. When he spreads his legs and pushes his cock forward it’s hard to know; do you want at that tight ass or to gobble down his massive meat?

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Horny Blond Strokes Curved Cock & Cums

blond guiy in tanktop tugs his hard curved cock

Terry is a straight 24 year old with a nasty side. He was so horny when he begins his “audition jerk off vid” that he doesn’t seem to care there are a bunch of people watching. Terry tells us about sex with his girlfriend and the kinky positions he likes best as he begins stroking himself. It doesn’t take long for his dick to get rock hard. It is thick with a slight curve that bottoms seem to love and he keeps the pubes nicely trimmed. Terry gives us a nice view of his sweet ass as he humps the bed and even spreads his cheeks for a peek at his fuzzy hole. The stroking is the main action though with a loud cumshot that spurts across his tight abs.

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Tony Newport Takes All 8 Inches of Genesis Cock

college guy sucks hairy jocks 8 inch dick

To read the notes from the producer, it was Genesis that really wanted a chance to hook up for a scene with adorable 20 years old college club kid Tony Newport. The two met at a Southern Strokes party and Genesis has been non stop perusing the cock and ass of Tony. When things get started it is Tony that that takes chage to get exactly what HE wants. Mainly, Genesis’ 8 inch dick in him. Tony is barely undressed when he drops to his knees and begins his oral worship of Genesis trimmed penis. The guys 69 and fuck like bunnies in this scene too leaving Tony with a pool of both men cum on his stomach.


Xavier Daniels Motorcycle Jerk Off

motercycle rider cums in the woods

Years ago I came across a young man that stopped along side a dirt bike path to rub one out. I still think of that exciting day every time I see scenes like this one. Xavier Daniels is the young dirt bike rider this time and even though he knows people are watching him, he lays back to stroke a big load while riding in the woods.

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Levi Madison Outside Jerk Off

skinny dude with a shaved 7 inch cock jerks off outside near a wooden fence

There is a new guy at Southern Strokes that is going to be turning some heads. Levi Madison is a 23 year old student with a killer smile, lean smooth body, and a very nice shaved 7.5 inch cock. At 6 feet tall and weighing only 150 pounds Levi is a skinny dude. His 6 pack abs look great with his tanned skin and no body hair to obstruct the view. It doesn’t take long once Levi drops his pants and starts stroking his meat that he is hard and into it. Levi drops to his knees and spurts his load onto his jeans.

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Trevor Fills Logan With 8 Inch Cock

Trevor Laster fills Logan Taylor's ass with hard 8 inch cock

Trevor Laster is one of the favorites at Southern Strokes. And why not? This buff blond beauty is nearly perfect for porn. He is very cute, has a ripped body with amazing 6 pack abs, and has an 8 inch dick! Logan Taylor is no slouch either. Logan is what makes amateur porn so cool. He’s an average to good looking guy with a friendly personality. More importantly, he’s willing to take a big dick up his hairy ass. After some back and forth dick sucking that’s what happens too. Trevor shoves his big cock up Logan’s sweet ass in a few positions before busting his nut across Logan’s belly.

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Brandon Jacks

tattooed southern man strokes his hard cock while masaging his balls
One of the original southern amateur men to appear at Southern Strokes, Brandon has been rereleased in celebration of over 300 videos milestone. Brandon is a 20 year old martial artist with dark hair, a cute face, athletic body, and a nice cock. Watch how hard it gets and pleasures Brandon when he massages his big balls while stroking his stiff dick. Seeing the white cum splash against his tanned skin in the end is excellent.

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Christian Doses Peyton With Cock

man sucking on blond guys hard cock

Peyton is a fast learner and eager to please. He did his first jack off video 3 days ago and is back now for a hardcore sex lesson with blond southern boy Christian. Peyton gets right down to business sucking on Christian’s dick until it is fully hard then turns his sweet round ass over for a good fucking. Christian pounds Peyton’s ass and shoots his load across the newbie’s butt for a nice ending.

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Jason Gives Alex a Facial

southern amateur shoots a huge load of cum after getting a facial

WOW! This is one of the best scenes I have seen at Southern Strokes in a while. I was instantly attracted to Alex, a cute young southern boy with an almost twinkish look and typical southern boy charm. Jason looks a little older than Alex with a hunkier body, tattoos, and rough face. Once these two start it becomes clear that they have had sex before and know exactly how to push each others buttons. It is Jason that pushes Alex to the extreme of pleasure. Jason sucks Alex cock, rims his hairless butt, then plunges balls deep into Alex’s ass. Jason fucks Alex every way to Sunday and while watching his cock move is cool; the best part for me is the sweaty bodies and expressions ranging from pain to ecstasy on Alex’s face. It was hard to choose a single pic for this post but the one above was too good to pass up. Shortly after Jason cums on Alex’s face, Alex shoots a huge load that flies through the air and splashes across his smooth body. Is there anything better than a cute southern man with cum on his face and a stream of jizz spraying from his hard cock?

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