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Leigh sucks his own cock

Leigh sucks himself

Guys that suck their own cock have always turned me on, probably because it’s a skill I’ve never had but like most have tried.  Leigh is one of the lucky ones that doesn’t require a partner for oral.  In this scene from Spunk Worthy the young man strokes himself until he’s hard then grabs his legs, folds himself in half, and puts about half the length into his own mouth.  Not only does he suck his own cock, he licks his shaved balls too!

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Koury’s Happy Ending

tattooed dude gets happy ending massage

Koury is back at Spunkworthy after a very well received debut.  This time around he has agreed to get a full body naked massage complete with a happy ending.  While Koury obviously enjoys the rub down, his dick really springs to action when his hairy ass is expertly rimmed.  The oral action continues as his 8 inch dick is swallowed whole.  It is a happy ending indeed as Jason strokes this horny straight guy off.

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Reed gets gay BJ

Man sucks Reed's big dick

22 year old Reed is what amateur gay porn is all about. The young guy is an average looking straight guy with an outgoing personality and a love to show off. Growing up it became obvious to Reed that he was destined to do porn with so many dudes commenting on his big cock. Reed was very nervous when he did his first jerk off scene in front of a guy but seems very at ease and even kind of into it as he pushes Jason’s face down oh his fat 8 inch dick. The more Jason gags on the monster meat, the harder Reed pushes his face. He loves the feel of his cock going down the gay cocksucker’s throat. Reed enjoys the blow job as evident by the huge load he shoots. Cum flies across his smooth chest and splatters onto his face, neck, and hair. Yum!


Jon Gets a Massage with Happy Ending

smooth blond gets naked massage

Blond Cali boy Jon was a hit with SpunkWorthy members when he did his jerk off video so Jason asked him back for a massage. Jon has never let a dude touch him like that before and was nervous, at first. The young man gets out of his clothes and lies face down on the table as the massage starts. His shoulders, backs, ass, legs, and feet are rubbed down before he turns over. When Jon flips, his dick is already hard. Guess it felt good! Jason goes to work on Jon’s smooth chest and abs before finishing him off with some hand and oral action that caused  a big spurt of cum that flies off the table. Guess it felt good!

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Wes and Evan Share a Gay Blowjob

two hairy straight men get blowjob from gay man

Both Wes and Evan have done jerk off videos and received gay handjobs & blowjobs from Jason at Spunkworthy but neither has done a scene with another dude to share the fun. Both guys have such an outgoing personality that Jason decided to ask both of them in for a scene together. The guys get comfortable hanging at a San Diego beach then go back for a double blowjob. The straight guys enjoy having Jason’s mouth around their hard dicks. As Jason sucks them off Wes decides to lend a hand to Evan and reaches over for a feel of his own. Oh these lucky men.

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Tattooed Military Dude Jerks Off

naked tattooed guy wearing dog tags and holding hard dick

Mike Nelson is a 21 year old military man stationed outside the San Diego area. Like most guys, he has thought about doing porn videos for a while. Although doing a gay porn wasn’t his first choice, he tells us that he isn’t totally naive when it comes to man on man action. He hasn’t had all out sex with another guy but says one time he joined a bunch of his military buds for a circle jerk. You know the military, always there to help a fellow soldier out. 🙂 In this video Mike shows off his thin inked body while stroking his cock and doesn’t seem to mind at all getting a little help from Jason when it comes time to get off. If you like POV videos you’re going to like this one.

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Wes Gets a Handie

hairy man getting his dick and balls massaged

21 year old hairy hunk Wes is back at Spunk Worthy. This time he is up for some man action, allowing Jason to grope and massage his fat cock and balls. Jason has his hand wrapped around Wes’ semi hard dick before his pants are even off. Wes shows a little of his bi side allowing Jason access to his hairy ass for a short bit of play too! Who knows what they’ll get Wes to do next time?

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Straight Amateur Gets Jerked Off

man jerks a straight guys dick and cups the balls to cum

Brady got more than he bargained for when he showed up for his debut jack off video for Spunk Worthy. The camera guy was so impressed with Brady’s 7 inch cock that he reaches out for a touch. A simple touch leads to a full on hand job. Brady like the attention his dick is getting and leans back to enjoy every bit of it. The camera guy cups Brady’s big balls as he pumps a thick load of cum from the straight boys big cock.

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Christopher Gets a Gay Handjob at Spunk Worthy

tattooed amateur gets jerked off by a gay man and shoots a big stream of cum

Christopher is a tattooed straight guy that is fresh out of the military. He contacted Spunk Worthy about doing a scene when he was stationed in San Diego but didn’t show up to do his debut video until he was discharged. Christopher has no problems getting naked and is hard within seconds of grabbing at his cock. He does a standard jerk off scene until Jason wants to measure his hard dick. As jason wraps the tape measure around the shaft, Christopher’s dick throbs. Jason can spot a cock desperate for attention and is happy to give it. He uses both hands to massage the young man’s hard cock and balls causing him to quickly shoot a huge stream of cum. Christopher loved his gay handjob so much that he asked for a copy of the video to show his wife.