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Aiden Tripp cums for cash

Kip or Aiden Tripp

A lot of guys do straight porn for fun or bragging rights and some do gay porn because they’re broke or bi.  Aiden Tripp is an example of a straight guy that has done porn before and needs some cash for classes.  The fellows at Straight Fraternity are willing to pay for college aged guys that are willing to get naked and get off on camera so…  Aiden has a great cum shot that flies across his chest and splashes on his neck and chin so we hope they paid him extra.

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Shawn’s amazing cum show

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It didn’t take much beyond the offer of extra cash if Shawn could get off quickly and cum in his own mouth.  The 23 year old gets to work pumping his growing meat and rubbing the area between his thighs to full excitement.  His breathing grows deep and neck becomes flushed moments before the big load sprays from the college guys pulsing dick.

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Trent’s Jerk Off Audition

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Trent is what amateur gay porn is all about. The skinny blond isn’t all that exceptional looking and is even a little shy when he gets naked for the camera for his audition video at the Straight Fraternity. It takes the shaved surfer a bit to get hard and keep it up but once he closes his eyes and gets into the feeling, the results speak for them self. Trent is pumping away when the first spurt of jizz splashes on his upper chest. A few squirts later and the base of his shaved cock and hand are covered with his creamy cum.


College Guy gets His Prostate Milked

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Ty is leaning back naked in a chair alone watching a porn video. When the Straight Fraternity master of the house walks in and finds Ty jerking off he takes things into his own hands. He grabs Ty’s hard dick and starts rubbing it for him. Ty loves the feeling and moans. Next the pledge master lubes a finger and slides it up Ty’s hairy butt hole. When the finger gets to his prostate Ty’s dick throbs and drips precum. The prostate massage continues as Ty begins to cum until every drop has been milked from his semen oozing penis.


Straight Frat Guys Get Off Together

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Junior and Angle are two straight fraternity guys that say they’re willing to do anything for fun and extra cash. They are playful when it comes to getting naked and touching each others dick but get a little hesitant when they ask the boys to go further. One of the guys gets rimmed and there is even some dick sucking that goes on before these two young men get off together.

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Shaun Jerks His Thick Uncut Cock

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Shaun is a 19 year old college student that answered an ad to jerk off on camera for pay. He was a bit uncomfortable at first. With a little porn on the TV to motivate him, it wasn’t long before the young man’s dick was growing and the foreskin sliding back. Shaun’s cock doesn’t get long as it hardens but it sure does get thick. The swollen pink head barely pokes out of the foreskin covering even when fully hard. Shaun pumps a thick load of cum from his uncut cock leaving a mess of goo on his hairy belly and softening shaft.

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Garrett’s Group Grope

Straight Fraternity Video

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Garrett is one lucky dude to be sure. When Straight Fraternity brothers Dax, Nikko, Spence and Robbie each draw spots to see how they are going to get Garrett off, everyone wins. Having even one of these dudes working to get me off would do the trick but all four at the same time… Garrett must have been in gay heaven.


Leon Gets Rim Job and Cums

Straight Fraternity Video

Leon came back to Straight Fraternity looking for a simple blowjob and a little cash. He gets naked to show us his lean body with semi hairy chest then sits back in the chair. When the man sucking his dick learns that the hairy college jock has never experienced anal pleasures of any sort he moves his mouth from Leon’s hard cock to his hairy ass. From the loud moans of pleasure, Leon loves the rimming. The cocksucker moves his mouth and one hand back to stroke a stream of jizz from Leon’s dick while his second hand continues to massage his prostate. Leon gets loud so turn this one down if you need to.

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Robbie Strokes His Uncut Cock

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Robbie was sent to the straight Frat by his friend Dax. Dax and Robbie must have a special relationship if he is sending him to get naked and jack off for strangers. Robbie feels comfortable in front of the camera and gets naked easy enough. The big tattoo on his side gives this boyish looking young man a darker and wilder side. His dick looks pretty long soft and gets hard with only a few strokes. His dick must be bigger than it looks at first as you can see he frequently uses two hands to stroke every inch.

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