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Shawn Beliveau

Shawn Beliveau

Shawn Beliveau continues the tradition of uncut big-dicked amateur Canadian men that film themselves jerking off at You Love Jack.  Shawn shows off his over sized cock, shaved balls, and his ass before reclining to stroke out a load.  You gotta love these skinny guys with huge dicks and his anatomically correct heart tattoo is pretty cool too.

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Vinnie Mark IceJacks

Vinnie Mark hard dick and icejack sex toy

Vinnie Mark shows up at the You Love Jack apartment ready to go.  The bulge in his underwear is huge as he gets undressed and gets even better when he pulls them off to show off his big uncut dick.  Vinnie strokes himself for a bit then pulls out a IceJack jerk off toy.  As he slides the clear tube over his long shaft Vinnie’s abs tighten giving a nice ripped appearance.  The show stays fun right up until Vinnie pulls the toy off to spray his jizz across his hairless abs.

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Blake Slater Shows His Cock for Cash

blond guy shows off his smooth ass and uncut cock in jerk off video

Blake Slater is straight and isn’t going to do anything gay. Ya, right! The young Canadian looks so innocent with his long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. He is nervous about getting naked for a gay website but he needs the cash bad so… Out comes his big uncut dick and the fun begins. Blake has his cock hard before his clothes are off. As things progress, he is soon completely naked and spending more time pleasuring himself than worrying about who’s watching what he’s doing.

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Mick Roberts Strokes His Big Veiny Cock

Mick Roberts holds his hard uncut veiny cock wearing nothing except a tee shirt

Mick Roberts and his big veiny cock were so popular that he has agreed to return for another homemade jack off video at You Love Jack. We get a number of close up shots of Mick’s fat sex tool and the drops of precum that flow from the swollen tip. For a bonus, Mick lifts his hairy legs to display his pink bung hole for a bit before lying back to shoot a stream of cum up his tee shirt. An average cum shot would be no way end an encore performance. No, Mick pulls his shirt up to lick the cum off and smile before this show ends.

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Criss Howell Strokes His Big Hard Cock

skinny guy with hairy legs strokes his big hard dick

Criss Howell does a fine job showing off his masturbation skills in his homemade video on line now at You Love Jack. The amateur straight guy wastes no time getting his cock out to start jerking before his clothes are even off. What looks like an average sized dick when he starts, grows into a nice big dick when it is fully hard. Criss has skinny legs and body that match well with his long, thin cock. The big head looks almost out of place on the thin shaft but so tasty at the same time. If you like guys with hairy chests, wait to see Chriss’ cum fly up and splatter into his thick chest hair.


Micah Strokes His 7 Inch Uncut Cock

man wearing a black tee shirt strokes his big uncut cock while fingering his ass

Look at the picture above. When you finish admiring Micah Smith’s fat uncut 7 inch cock and cute face, notice where his left hand is. Micah works up a big hard on then moves his hand to start fingering his ass. Before long this amateur Canadian man has two fingers buried deep as he pumps his big dick to shoot a stream of cum up his chest across his black tee shirt.

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Billy Strokes His 10 Inch Cock

long haired twink shows his 10 inch dick with pride

Some guys shave their pubes to look bigger and some for other reasons. Billy Hicks must shave himself for other reasons because his impressive 10 inch cock isn’t going to look any bigger shaved or not. Billy is an 18 year old Canadian boy that wanted to do porn and contacted the guys at You Love Jack to make a homemade video. You can already tell that this cute boy is star material as he gets undressed and we see the huge bulge in his black underwear. His dick grows and grows as he strokes it to full erection. Like your young guyz on the smooth side? You’re going to love Billy’s hairless and ripped body too, if you can get your eyes off his amazing cock that is.

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Yuri Strokes His 7 Inch Uncut Cock

man in tshirt jerks his 7 inch uncut cock

Yuri G is the latest big dicked Canadian to show off his uncut cock in a self made jack off video for You Love Jack. Yuri’s dick is already semi hard and forming a nice bulge in his tight pink boxer briefs. The shorts are so tight that you can tell he is uncut by the lack of a head outline. The suspicion is confirmed when Yuri takes it out and slides the foreskin back with a close up camera view allowing viewers to see the fat pink head slowly exposed. Yuri takes off his underwear but leaves his shirt on for the rest of his jacking video complete with lots of ass fingering and hard fast pumping. The shirt is important because it looks great with a stream of cum running down it at the end.

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